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 No matter how small or big the task, we don't take shortcuts, we will always maxclean your valuable investment.  Maxclean is our 3-step cleaning method.  We begin by pre-treating spots/stains, heavy traffic areas, and a light treatment on lightly soiled areas.  We then agitate the solution with a rotary machine.  This ensures the solution gets deep enough to loosen hidden soil, along with top soil on the fibers.  We then extract the solution and soil with hot water extraction.   

General Carpet Cleaning

Great Room         $59.95
Living Room        $44.95
Master Room       $34.95 
Bedroom              $24.95

Hallway (plft)       $2.00  
Stairs (stp)          $2.00          

Upholstery Cleaning

3 Piece Sectional  $149.95    

2 Piece Sectional  $119.95   

Loveseat  $69.95 

Recline     $59.95     

Ottoman  $39.95

Sofa         $89.9

Rug Cleaning

Synthetic 5x7      $24.95

Wool        5x7     $44.95


Heavily soiled areas require a heavy traffic pre-treatment designed to loosen the heavily compressed soil,grease, and grim on the carpet fibers from the high foot traffic of your family and friends.
Most manufacturers apply stain resistant properties to most carpets/rugs.  These properties wear off and in order to not void your warranty, along with routine maintenance, carpet protection is required.
Nothing says clean more a smooth fresh scent of lavender or citrus deodorizer on your freshly cleaned carpet and upholstery.

If not treated immediately and properly, Pet urine can rapidly ruin your carpet and upholstery.